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  • 11/27/06: Amplifier says Life's a Lonely Ride "exudes plenty of indie pop diversity" in their Dec/Jan 2007 (issue #57, with Badly Drawn Boy on the cover). Read the entire review here.
  • 11/19/06: Leonard's Lair says Life's a Lonely Ride is "a record where fashion and seriousness is replaced with a joie de vivre and a knack for melody."
  • 11/11/06: Product of Circadia radio features The Rails during the seventh installment of their podcast.
  • 11/10/06: Lorain's Morning Journal features The Rails.
  • 10/22/06: The Rails appear live and acoustic on The Inner Sanctum. They play "Life's a Lonely Ride," "Mother, Games and School," and "Feel It." The album versions of "Ready to Fly" and "Missed Connection" are spun. (The entire playlist can be found here.)
  • 10/20/06: Elyria's Chronicle-Telegram features The Rails.
  • 10/18/06: Cool Cleveland says that "A fortuitous blend of alt-pop and indie rock is for the listener’s gleaning on the full-length debut of the pop trio, The Rails."
  • 10/15/06: The Inner Sanctum plays "Feel It." (The entire playlist can be found here.)
  • 10/14/06: Past and Present Webzine says that "Life's a Lonely Ride" is "nice radiofriendly pop-rock somewhere along the lines of The Beatles and REM that surely has its' moments."
  • 10/08/06: The Inner Sanctum plays "Feel It." (The entire playlist can be found here.)
  • 10/01/06: Radio Crystal Blue plays "I'm In Love With Misery" during their New Music Sampler segment.
  • 9/15/06: Tasty Fanzine (UK) says, "the balance of catchy pop riffs and bitter lyrics is pretty likeable."
  • 9/11/06: God is in the TV Zine (UK) says, "The Rails have on the whole produced a promising debut with plenty to be optimistic about, proving a knack for both upbeat and melancholic pop songs."
  • 9/6/06: Radio Zero 97.7 FM (Chile) included "Mother, Games and School" in their eclectic podcast (download it here) along with Styrofoam and The Lemonheads. (The DJ begins his short introduction to the track at the 41:30 minute mark, then plays "Mother, Games and School.")
  • 9/6/06: The Cleveland Free Times says that saying Life's a Lonely Ride "is varied is like saying the Beatles recorded a few songs."
  • 9/2/06: says The Rails play "Rock ‘n’ roll that speeds like a crazed villain full speed at a brick wall."
  • 8/26/06: Radio Free Canton adds "Tonight" to their playlist
  • 8/20/06: IndyRock Magazine (Spain) Recommends The Rails
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